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Resultat Bosjökloster 2005

Foton My Gerdin


BEST IN SHOW Tash Kurgan Far East

BIS-2 NV-04 Unique Africa D'Ellendil

BIS-3 Jelistaz Notorious

BIS-4 S & Dk UCh KbhV-04 Dabka's Cassandra

BIS-R Nord UCh NV-04 Py's Pelopia

BIS BIM Greirish Pine Chip

BIS VALP Kirman Velika

BIS-2 VALP Mac Bells Citizen Kane

BIS-3 VALP Tannique's Sweet Child o Mine

BIS-4 VALP Indian Cherokee Modnyabistru

BIS-R VALP Py's Biscaya

BIS JUNIOR Skyings Excalibur

BIS-2 JUNIOR Hjortronsblommas Itsy-Bitsy

BIS-3 JUNIOR Jelistaz Omar Sharif

BIS-4 JUNIOR Gilda De Calathea

BIS-R JUNIOR Volante's Barchetta

BIS UNGHUND NV-04 Unique Africa D'Ellendil

BIS-2 UNGHUND Jelistaz Notorious

BIS-3 UNGHUND Quom Mandrake En Matinee

BIS-4 UNGHUND Dogcastle's Amaze Me

BIS-R UNGHUND Swaara Velvet Goldmine

BIS BRUKSHUND Baklava's Tigris Min Dahaqin

BIS-2 BRUKSHUND Leicro's Russian Zola

BIS-3 BRUKSHUND Belara Mama's Pearl

BIS VETERAN Nord UCh Jelistaz Ice Cream

BIS-2 VETERAN Khaos Life is a Flower

BIS-3 VETERAN Int & Nord UCh Rahima's Basir Yashar

BIS-4 VETERAN Int, Nord & Dk UCh SV-99-03 NV-01 Sobers Cadiac

BIS-R VETERAN S UCh Twyborn Swanley Gem

BIS AVELSGRUPP Nord UCh Jelistaz Ice Cream



BIS BARN MED HUND Carolina Borslöv



RASRESULTAT - skicka gärna BIR/BIM-bild till webmaster [at] svvk.se


 Domare: David Allan, Spanien


BIR Tash Kurgan Far East
BIM Fin UCh Pices Felicia
BH-2 Exxos Rosario BT-2 Nord UCh Yhazin Drums Of Africa
BH-3 S UCh Mandinah From Here To Eternity BT-3 S UCh Khaos Zurprice
BH-4 Nord UCh Mandinah Expect No Less BT-4 Exxos Rachel
BH-R Quom Mandrake En Matinee BT-R S UCh Khaos Life is a Flower
BIR VALP Tannique's Sweet Child o Mine
BIR JUNIOR Mandinah grace Under Pressure
BIR UNGHUND Quom Mandrake En Matinee
BIR VETERAN Khaos Life is a Flower



 Domare: Alain Campagne, Frankrike


BIM SV-04 Ameqqarzounadu
BIR NV-04 Unique Africa D´Ellendil
BH-2 - BT-2 Nord UCh NordV-04 Azaria
BH-3 -  BT-3 -
BH-4 - BT-4 -
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR UNGHUND NV-04 Unique Africa D´Ellendil 



Domare: David Allan, Spanien

Domare valpar: Elsbeth Wahlström, Sverige


BIM S UCh Jelistaz Marillion BIR Jelistaz Notorious
BH-2 Jelistaz Omar Sharif
BT-2 Marelden's Soraya Sevelina
BH-3 S UCh Leicro's Russian Ztep Hunter BT-3 S UCh NordV-03 Jelistaz Melody
BH-4 Int, Dk & S UCh Dk klbch KbhV-00,-02,-04 NordV-00,-04 Smirnoff Rhusqa BT-4 Nord UCh Jelistaz Ice Cream
BH-R Dk UCh The Flying Zoi's Atlas BT-R Jelistaz Ophelia
BIR VALP Indian Cherokee Modnyabistru
BIR JUNIOR Jelistaz Omar Sharif
BIR UNGHUND Jelistaz Notorious
BIR BRUKSHUND Leicro's Russian Zola
BIR VETERAN Nord UCh Jelistaz Ice Cream
BIR AVELSGRUPP Nord UCh Jelistaz Ice Cream



 Domare: David Allan, Spanien

Domare valpar: Elsbeth Wahlström, Sverige


BIR Int & Nord UCh Enigma Lone Star BIM Tal-Wardijab-Ziffa Helwa Ta'malta
BH-2 Chassellis Chonfamensis Ta'ziffa
BT-2 -
BH-3 -
BT-3 -
BH-4 - BT-4 -
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR VALP Northgate's As You Like It
BIR UNGHUND Antefa's Qeylah
BIR VETERAN S UCh Chasselli's Minn 



  Domare: David Allan, Spanien


BIM Furor De Calathea
BIR Gilda De Calathea
BH-2 -  BT-2 S & Dk UCh KbhV-04 NordV-04 Ukelele's Kalima
BH-3 - BT-3 -
BH-4 - BT-4 -
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR JUNIOR Gilda De Calathea 



  Domare: Olaf Knauber, Tyskland


BIR Skyings Excalibur
BIM Int & Nord UCh Windroch Angeleyes of Skyings
BH-2 Int, Nord & Dk UCh SV-99,-03 NV-01 Sobers Cadiac BT-2 Nord UCh Sobers Dedoria
BH-3 - BT-3 S UCh Seafarer Deneuve
BH-4 - BT-4 Snatcher's Ice
BH-R - BT-R Skying's Eagle Eyed Edhie
BIR JUNIOR Skyings Excalibur
BIR VETERAN Int, Nord & Dk UCh SV-99,-03 NV-01 Sobers Cadiac 



 Domare: Chris Amoo, Irland


BIM Greirish Pine Chip
BIMR Pennybright Kyra
BH-2 S & Dk UCh Graystone Clintman BT-2 S UCh Knallårsen's Jancaea
BH-3 Greirish Super Bowl BT-3 S, Fin & EE UCh SV-04 Greirish Pool Position
BH-4 Warlock's Leader BT-4 Knallåsen's Helxine
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR VALP Wolf-Cottage Marabou
BIR JUNIOR Warlocks Cionne Ogradi
BIR BRUKSHUND Askhults Ailish O'Connor
BIR UPPFÖDARGRUPP Kennel Knallåsens 



Domare: David Allan, Spanien

Domare valpar: Elsbeth Wahlström, Sverige


BIM Int, Nord & De UCh Dk klbch VDH Ch KbhV-03 SV-03 Rashika's Cannizzaro BIR Nord UCh NV-04 Py's Pelopia
BH-2 Skogsville's Get It While You Can
BT-2 Skogsville's Gimme Your Love
BH-3 - BT-3 Dogcastle's Amaze Me
BH-4 - BT-4 Talata Caramel Cream Dream
BH-R - BT-R Skogsville's Every Incha a Lady
BIR VALP Py's Biscaya
BIR JUNIOR Skogsville's Gimme Your Love
BIR UNGHUND Dogcastle's Amaze Me
BIR VETERAN Int, Nord & Fin UCh Dk klbch S V-99 KbhV-00 Sobers Ulizza 





BIR VALP Cayenne



Domare: Alain Campagne, Frankrike

Domare valpar: Elsbeth Wahlström, Sverige


BIM S UCh Al-Shên Qamar Al Dahabi BIR S & Dk UCh KbhV-04 Dabka's Cassandra
BH-2 Dabka's Chess Mustikka
BT-2 Hisilome's Darjeeling
BH-3 Int & Nord UCh Rahima's Basir Yashar BT-3 Int, Nord, Fin, De & Nl UCh Dk klb Ch VDH Ch Vdh-Esg-99 SV-00 Ma'a Zalek Moannas Va Ziba
BH-4 S & N UCh Qirmizi Ferriday BT-4 Baklava's Tigris Min Dahaqin
BH-R S UCh Baklava's Ramz Ragib BT-R Int & Nord UCh KbhV-00 Volante's Zola
BIR VALP Kirman Velika
BIR JUNIOR Volante's Barchetta
BIR UNGHUND Hisilome's Ella Juanita
BIR BRUKSHUND Baklava's Tigris Min Dahaqin
BIR VETERAN Int & Nord UCh Rahima's Basir Yashar 



 Domare: Alain Campagne, Frankrike


BIR S & Dk UCh SV-03 Manticorns Graham BIM Askhults Amelia McQuade
BH-2 -  BT-2 S UCh Airescot Song and Dance
BH-3 BT-3 - 
BH-4 - BT-4 -
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR JUNIOR Mycroft's Pearl Of Euphoria Af Viby 



 Domare: Alain Campagne, Frankrike


BIM S & Dk UCh NordV-04 Fazil Schuru Esch Schams  BIR S UCh NordJV-03 NordV-03,-04 SV-04 Uadi El Djemilla De La Cité Du Guerrier 
BH-2 - BT-2 Al Suwiid Aaliyah Adiim
BH-3 - BT-3 -
BH-4 - BT-4 -
BH-R - BT-R -
BIR JUNIOR Al Suwiid Aaliyah Adiim 



 Domare: Olaf Knauber, Tyskland


BIM Adagio My Culture
BIR Zelig Orgoreyn
BH-2 Wikellis Special Free Soul BT-2 S & Dk UCh NordV-04 Siprex Lena 
BH-3 Pompeca's Runningfire in Kunderdjik BT-3 S UCh Twyborn Swanley Gem
BH-4 - BT-4 Budkavlen's Veuve Clicquot
BH-R - BT-R Swaara Velvet Goldmine
BIR VALP Mac Bells Citizen Kane
BIR JUNIOR Hjortronsblommas Itsy-Bitsy
BIR UNGHUND Swaara Velvet Goldmine
BIR BRUKSHUND Belara Mama's Pearl
BIR VETERAN S UCh Twyborn Swanley Gem 


Alain Campagne
My very first judging in Sweden in Skokloster 1983 left me a great “remembrance”, I have judged several other times in your beautiful country and each time I was really enthusiastic about the quality of the Salukis.
Judging in Bosjökloster was again a great time for me, such an attractive location, such a large and high quality entry, such a hearty welcome and perfect organisation, everything was working towards an unforgettable day.
The breed has really reached a high level in your hands, and it is a great pleasure as a judge to find so much quality in so many dogs. There wasn’t any prevalent problem among the large entry I had to go over. I liked very much the beautiful heads, elegant without being too narrow, nice typical expressions, beautiful necks well laid in shoulders, strong toplines, good moderate angulations, allowing a nice supple and springing movement. Of course you have different types but all fit the standard in its best points. I always look for “moderate” Salukis as required by the standard, and that can sometimes be difficult as moderation is not always synonymous of glamour. The most important for me is the right balance in body and head with smooth outlines showing strength and power together with elegance and style…and I was very happy to find that in many of the Salukis entered today.
Besides the Salukis I also had some typical Derhounds, and was pleased to see that you have good stock to start with Azawakhs and Sloughis.
I want to thank all the exhibitors who entered their best dogs under me, my very efficient Secretary and ring steward, and the organisers. It was a great experience for me to judge again in Sweden.

David Allan
I was grateful for the invitation to judge at this wonderful show, I would also like to express my gratitude for the more than warm welcome I recieved from the committee also from the exhibitors, to which I send my warmest thank you for showing under me.
I was amazed at the beautiful site of the show grounds, quite spectacular and so well set up, spacious rings on super kept short grass, shame we had a few intermittent showers, but nothing that spoiled the day.

A thank you also to my two competent stewards, we had a very nice day together.
I was quite pleased with the overall quality of the exhibits finding that the quality to be deeper in the bitches. My finalists were all super dogs and could hold themselves in any competition anywhere..... BIS was a hard decision as my Co judges had sent up some really good quality dogs, the Afghan took my eye from the moment he entered the ring and having judged him earlier on in the day I asked MORE of him than the rest, he did not defraud me, putting up a hard act to follow and superbly presented in super condition.

I found on the negative side, bad fronts and straight shoulders in many cases, BUT, this seems to be rampant in al lcorners of the world, just something that the breeders should take into considersation. Also something else that disturbs me somewhat, many breeders and exhibitors are looking towards the VERY long legged exhibits, this is not typical of a hound, nor is it to be too short on leg, BUT a hound has to cover a lot of ground and when they are TOO high on leg this is immposible, we find short fronts and stiff rears, some dogs seem to cope with this, at least as an optical illusion due to the sheer speed that the handlers take them around the ring... However, most were well compensated and possesed correct outlines and were typey animals.

I hope to return again sometime to this wonderful show, one of the most pleasent I have judged at, Thank you all.